Ministry Team

Pastor: Rev. Stephen Gohdes

Secretary: Andrea 

Music: Linda Jablonski​

Church Office Hours:

 Weekdays, 9 am to noon 

Our Philosophy and Purpose  

At Christ Church we believe in those essential teachings common to the Protestant Church:

  • Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour
  • The Bible as the Word of God
  • The Church as the Followship of Believers

Our purpose is to celebrate a quality of life that is offered and sustained only through commitment to Jesus Christ.  We seek to minister to other peoples' needs, thereby making disciples and becoming servants of God. We celebrate life by providing worship, fellowship and educational experience which bring people in contact with God. We endeavour to identify our gifts and to offer opportunities which challenge the purposeful use of these gifts.

Accordingly we affirm the QUALITIES OF MEMBERSHIP:

  • Commitment to personal, spiritual growth.
  • Participation  in worship and celebration of the church family
  • Involvement in the maintenance and mission functions of our congregations
  • Leadership in one's chosen area of expertise or interest 
  • Support of our church's ministry through systematic financial giving

​Christ Church strives to enable its constituents to GROW UP in faith, GROW TOGETHER in our caring and support of each other and GROW OUT in reaching others with the "Good News" of Jesus Christ.


Sunday Worship:
10:30 - 11:30 am

Contact Us:

600 Acadia Drive, SE

Calgary, AB  T2J 0B8

Phone: (403) 271-2700

Fax: (403) 271-2810


Wh​o Are We?

Christ Moravian Church is a contemporary, protestant Christian congregation stemming from the Moravian faith, made up of a variety of ages, lifestyles and church backgrounds, but all affirming our identity as followers of Jesus Christ.  In Christ we see both the mirror of our humanity and a window of divinity, and recognize the Christian priority of LOVE: to love God, to love our neighbours, to love ourselves. We do not stress rigid theology, but affirm an open mind and encourage growth in a life of faith in God. Further, we provide an open and accepting atmosphere for personal spiritual growth, essential for a meaningful relationship with God and each other.

600 Acadia Drive, SE

Calgary, Alberta  T2J 0B8

​(403) 271-2700



Christ Moravian Church